Expat International’s Technology

Expat International’s leading edge technology tools assists in the management for visas, corporate relocation and H.R. consulting.

Expat uses Relocation Online,

A  web-based data management, information and reporting tool, which streamlines relocation assignment control; provides real time chat function between assignee and consultant on property listings, for comment by both, and tracking of the assignment.

Expat Online Home search,

Using Relocation Online and with the assistance of a consultant this program is a comprehensive low-cost, interactive support tool to assist employees with independent Home Search. It is ideally suited for those with limited employer-support when moving to their new destination.

LEAP Migration Manager™ ,

is a bespoke software application developed solely for the management of Australia’s migration agents practices. The system’s comprehensive data management, information and reporting tools allow Expat to efficiently manage visa applications from initiation to closure and archiving of the file.