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Relocating with a Cat – 4 Best Tips to Prepare!

Many cat owners may find the relocation process a daunting prospect as cats generally do not like change. Indeed, even the most relaxed and laid-back cats may experience some level of anxiety while moving from their familiar home to a foreign place with new surroundings. However, do not despair! With a little planning beforehand, you […]

Benefits of Expatriate Relocation to Australia

There’s no other country in the world like Australia. We’re a quirky bunch down here, with our different way of speaking English (Google, ‘yeah nah’ versus ‘nah yeah’), our different foods (shrimp on the barbie) and our different sports (Australian Rules Football, which isn’t played much anywhere else). But aside from the stereotypes, what’s so […]

How to Extend Your VISA During the COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s been a crazy couple of years, and we don’t even need to explain what we mean by that. COVID-19 has rocked our worlds, in so many different ways. While most people in first world countries are enjoying reasonable stability, if you’re in Australia on a visa, then the story is completely different. You’re inundated […]

Is Australia Accepting Visa Applications

So, you planned on joining us in Australia for some time. You had big plans; you were going to either backpack, study here or fill the skill gap on a Temporary Skilled visa. Then, bang! Coronavirus ruined these plans and your dreams of tasting that sweet Australian life. But is Australia still accepting visa applications? […]

How to Secure an Exemption for Overseas Talent to Enter Australia

Not to sound like we’re smuggling people here but getting people in and out of Australia has been a bit of a challenge as of late. There are a whole bunch of confusing rules around who can leave the country, and especially who can enter it. If you’ve got overseas workers or students who you […]

Can I Still Use My Australian Visa During the Coronavirus Crisis?

If COVID-19 has well and truly muddled up your experience of life in Australia, don’t feel like you’re alone. There are over 2 million people in Australia with a temporary visa who are asking the same questions: am I still allowed to use my Australian visa during coronavirus? What if I’m about to travel to Australia […]

Five Trends for Corporate Relocation in a Pandemic

How can we describe the start to the 2020s? Well… ‘interesting’ is one way to put it. ‘Life-changing’, perhaps more appropriate. ‘Poor’ is, at times, warranted. The truth is, although it’s been a pretty crappy time when it comes to moving employees internationally, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. So, let’s […]

Graebel Superior Quality Awards

The Expat team are thrilled to have been recognised by Graebel and assignees, as part of their Superior Quality Awards program. As one of only two leading destination service provider winners across the wide Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions, this excellence award is an exceptional outcome for the entire Expat team, and well done to all […]

U.S. E-3 Visa Expiry Concerns During Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

It is likely Australian citizens already working in the U.S. on an E-3 visa which carries up to 2-year validity may be reaching their visa expiry date.  Under prevailing Covid-19 travel restrictions and closure of U.S. global consulates, the normal requirement that a new E-3 can only be applied for outside of the U.S. poses […]

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  • August 18, 2020
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Temporary Activity Visa (Covid-19 Pandemic Event)

In recognising restricted international travel options arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has introduced a special category within the Subclass 408 visa to enable certain foreign employees to remain and continue their current work in Australia in critical sectors such as agriculture, food processing, and health, aged, disability, or child care. Evidence is […]