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Cross Cultural Awareness

  • By Expat
  • November 29, 2010

Cross Cultural Awareness
For global assignees, adapting to the cultures of the countries in which they work is a crucial capability. The ongoing experience of organisations continues to show that to be successful, international assignees must have a good knowledge of cultural differences and use them effectively to achieve business objectives. Assignees who can do this well can minimise the stress and anxiety associated with expatriate transfer and enhance the ability to ‘hit the ground running”.  When the cultural aspects of business are integrated into communication processes it is more likely that the organisation’s business objectives will be met in the different environment and culture.
Culture is defined as a system of values and beliefs, which we share with others, all of which gives us a sense of belonging or identity.  Every culture exhibits differing value and belief systems, which effect how people perceive reality and react to it.
At Expat International Cross-Cultural Awareness Programs have been carefully designed and tested as both an introduction to cultural and diversity awareness … and also a practical guide to communicating effectively across cultures.
The objectives of Cross-Cultural Awareness programs are:

  • To understand the issues and sensitivities that can enhance the individual’s effectiveness in another cultural environment.


  • To identify the areas of strength and the areas that need improvement and support  to ensure a successful transition to the new environment


  • To identify any potential issues, their implications and options for resolution.


  • To provide access to experienced expatriates that have successfully lived and worked in different cultures.

Programs are suitable for any potential expatriate (and their partner/family), those employees travelling overseas frequently on business, and ‘home base’ staff in regular communication with business organisations globally.