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How to Extend Your VISA During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • By Expat
  • February 28, 2022

It’s been a crazy couple of years, and we don’t even need to explain what we mean by that. COVID-19 has rocked our worlds, in so many different ways. While most people in first world countries are enjoying reasonable stability, if you’re in Australia on a visa, then the story is completely different. You’re inundated with questions on your mind: Am I going to be able to stay longer? Am I going to have to go back to my country of residence? Is life ever going to possess certainty ever again?

Our first piece of advice is not to panic. We’re here to tell you all about extending your VISA during COVID-19 and who to talk to if you’re in need of doing so.

Check your visa expiry date and conditions

It’s important to be well aware of your visa expiry date and the conditions of your visa. You need to know whether your visa has conditions that prevent you from extending your stay before you go applying for a visa extension. Talk to the team at Expat International if you’re not sure about the conditions on your visa.

Explore your options

If there are no conditions on your visa that prevent further stay, then the good news is that you’ll probably be able to apply for a new visa. You can explore your options to find a new visa that you’re eligible for and that suits your situation. These could include visas for work, study, joining your partner or family and a range of other reasons. The team at Expat International are there to assist you during this time and to provide a solution to your visa extension during COVID-19.

Applying for a bridging visa

Another option for extending your visa during the COVID-19 pandemic is applying for a bridging visa. If you apply for a bridging visa (BVA) before your current visa expires, you’ll most likely be able to gain one and stay longer in Australia. A BVA allows you to stay longer once your current visa expires and when the government are processing your application for a more long-term visa.

Who to talk to if you’re looking to extend your stay during COVID-19

It may feel like nobody is in your corner when it comes to navigating visas during COVID-19, but there’s one team of experts who are there for you: Expat International. The team at Expat International are one of Australia’s most experienced in visa navigation, having been in the industry for over 36 years and counting. They work with you or your employees to ensure that they are able to remain in Australia and keep doing great work for your business without the stress and anxiety of having to deal with visa issues on their own. Get in touch with the specialists at Expat International today.