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Pre-Assignment Orientation

  • By Expat
  • May 14, 2014
  • Have you ever been unsure about moving away or
  • Making that next step? Never fear, Expat International
  • Will help you to make that transition with expert
  • Advice and quality orientation, so that you
  • Will love your new home!
Worlds most livable city 2013
Worlds most livable city 2013

At Expat International, we offer a service, aptly named, ‘pre-assignment orientation visit.’ This allows for potential expatriates’ who are unsure about their pending relocation, to visit and become acquainted with their new home!

In providing this service, Expat will prepare a comprehensive itinerary which will introduce the intending transferees to their prospective city. Through this introduction Expat will aim to highlight and emphasise a realistic and expansive understanding of their new city with particular regards to:

  • Residency
  • Housing
  • Schooling
  • Living conditions
  • Cost of living

Expat’s intensive one, two or three day area orientation and briefing incorporates a number of different assessments so that we know what they want and within what constraints, as well as aims to give the potential transferee a thorough exploration of their new home! As part of this, local facilities such as supermarkets and shopping centres as well as important information regarding childcare, schooling and health centres, will be delved into by our experienced representatives.

This is a program which is invaluable to your enjoyment in this process. This is a unique program which can only be undertaken by a company of this size and global outreach.


Orientate yourself with Expat International!