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Federal Election fast approaching

It’s that time again. After many a leadership spill and a total of 5 Prime Ministers over the last 9 years, it’s time for the vote to be given back to the people of Australia. Next Saturday, the 18th of May, Australians will take to the polls and exercise their right to vote, and their […]

24 things Expats find surprising about Australian work culture

Planning to work in Australia? To help avoid a little culture shock, this article sheds some light on the Aussie working culture -- the great importance of work-life balance, speaking your mind, and having a good cup of coffee (or two)! Link here: http://www.afr.com/leadership/company-culture/24-things-expats-find-surprising-about-australian-working-culture-20170129-gu13b0 Photo of the Bondi Icebergs swimming Club in Bondi Beach, Sydney.

Grandfather provisions announced for current 457 visa holders or applicants as of 18 April 2017

The government has announced transitional provisions for Subclass 457 visa holders or applicants who had held or applied for the 457 visa on or before 18 April 2017. The announcement should allow employers and foreign employees to better prepare for the upcoming March 2018 changes to the ENS and RSMS programs. The grandfathering provisions indicate [...]

New requirements to obtain Australian citizenship

The Australian government has announced that reforms would be introduced to strengthen the Australian citizenship, and put the Australian values and Australian national interest at the heart of the process. What has changed? -               Applicants are required to have lived as a permanent resident in Australia for a minimum of four years (instead of the [...]

Expat International is Here to Help You Move to Australia!

As the winds of change sweep over the land, the world holds its breath for what might be an oncoming storm. For those who have not heard Donald Trump has won the race to the white house and will soon be the 45th President of the United States of America. Social media is in a frenzy [...]

Let’s Talk About the Weather.

They say that to talk about the weather is to exhibit a narrow mind in the grand scheme of conversational topics. We here at Expat International disagree entirely. The weather has become such a hot topic over the last few years that to not talk about it or to simply disregard it as a factor [...]

Zika Virus Outbreak

There have been reports in the last week that the Zika virus has at least 2 confirmed cases within Australian borders. The NSW Health department has confirmed that passengers coming back from the Caribbean have tested positive for the virus.While it is highly unlikely that the Zika virus has established local transmission in NSW (due to the fact that, [...]

Expat’s Consulting and online relocation guide.

  Expat International has always been at the forefront of the immigration and relocation industry in Australia. For this reason we are always looking for new ways to help provide people and companies with the very best of services. Through consultancy, Expat International seeks to provide not only a service that clients can rely on, [...]

Les Knebl: Getting to Australia.

‘My favorite title, I have already started: Surviving socialism. Because people over here they say, Yay, socialism, how nice…Read. My. Book. Maybe you will learn something’. Les Knebl is somewhat of a juggernaut when it comes to life experience. From talking to the 81-year-old Hungarian man you get the sense that his passion to explore, [...]

So you want to rent in Australia

How exciting. You have decided to move overseas and to Australia no less! There is a job lined up and your visa’s are in order. The question is, where do you live? Finding a rental property can be difficult regardless of whether you live in your home country or not. It’s not just finding a [...]