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Temporary Activity Visa (Covid-19 Pandemic Event)

In recognising restricted international travel options arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has introduced a special category within the Subclass 408 visa to enable certain foreign employees to remain and continue their current work in Australia in critical sectors such as agriculture, food processing, and health, aged, disability, or child care. Evidence is […]

Generation Relocation – A Fresh Approach to Millennial Moves

It's no surprise that Millennials are relocating at a higher rate than ever before. They bring with them benefits such as eagerness to learn and advance in the workplace, open-mindedness, updated qualifications, and company diversity. Oftentimes, Millennials are also a more cost-effective addition to the team.   At Expat International, we want to help you [...]

Election time is just around the corner…

Get ready to head to the polls, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed the election date as May 18th, 2019. To learn more about how to vote, head to https://aec.gov.au/Voting/How_to_Vote/ for more information. To learn more about your electorate profile, head to https://www.aec.gov.au/Elections/federal_elections/2016/profiles/index.htm for more information.

How technology can aid the relocation process

Throughout Expat International’s 35 year history, we have always worked hard to make the mobility process easier, reduce stress for the

Client testimonial from TOMRA

Client testimonial: "We would like to express our gratitude to the three of you, for all of your help in getting our people down to Australia. You have provided us with flexible, fast, quality, important advice and exceptional service, which we have truly appreciated." - TOMRA Expat Comments: We truly have the best clients, and [...]

The U.S. and the UK pass ban on electronic items in cabin on flights originating from the Middle East

The U.S. has passed a ban to prevent electronics larger than a mobile phone bin the cabin on flights originating from the following cities: Cairo, Istanbul, Kuwait, Doha, Casablanca, Amman, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. This only applies to direct flights, meaning if the one leg of the flight does not originate from one [...]

Expat International is Here to Help You Move to Australia!

As the winds of change sweep over the land, the world holds its breath for what might be an oncoming storm. For those who have not heard Donald Trump has won the race to the white house and will soon be the 45th President of the United States of America. Social media is in a frenzy [...]

Changes to UK Immigration Act to Impact Visa Holders

Compulsory checks by landlords on the immigration status of new tenants are to be introduced across the country from 1 February 2016. The Immigration Act 2014 has been revised and regulations will come into effect requiring Landlords conduct mandatory checks to establish that new tenants have the right to rent in the UK. Landlords must [...]

Les Knebl: Getting to Australia.

‘My favorite title, I have already started: Surviving socialism. Because people over here they say, Yay, socialism, how nice…Read. My. Book. Maybe you will learn something’. Les Knebl is somewhat of a juggernaut when it comes to life experience. From talking to the 81-year-old Hungarian man you get the sense that his passion to explore, [...]

So you want to rent in Australia

How exciting. You have decided to move overseas and to Australia no less! There is a job lined up and your visa’s are in order. The question is, where do you live? Finding a rental property can be difficult regardless of whether you live in your home country or not. It’s not just finding a [...]