Expat’s clients comprise some of the largest multi-national companies, SME’s, boutique businesses, and independent applicants engaged in the fields of:

Energy, engineering, chemicals, food, finance, banking, information technology, pharmaceuticals, shipping, automobile industry, consulting services, furniture, education, mining, manufacturing, construction and engineering, media, timber, forestry, recreation.

You will reap optimum results in using Expat’s professional services even if you live outside Australia. Registered Migration Agents practicing in Australia are strictly regulated by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority, while Agents operating outside of Australia do not have the same stringent standards of continuing education and professional development imposed upon them.

We utilise latest case-management and internet technology to create an efficient system of checks and balances, ensuring operating excellence and timely representation.


“Thanks so much! You guys do make the (visa acquisition) process very easy for us don’t you!…..”
(H. R. Manager)

“Professionalism in business is impressive and I must tell you how refreshing my (visa and relocation) dealings with you and Expat were. Thank you.”
(Chief Executive Officer)

“Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful assistance in this matter. Without your prompt efforts, it would not have been possible to secure the entry clearance visas in such an expedited fashion. We are looking forward to working with you again soon.”

“Thank you! You are the best! I really appreciate your diligent efforts.”
(Attorney-At-Law [#2])

“Julie … Thank you very much for your help. I believe your professional work has been an invaluable asset both to your company and us as a customer.”
(Account Manager)

“Margaret, I just wanted to let you know, the support from Expat’s migration division has been amazing! Outstanding! We have been really impressed with their efforts. You have a truly fantastic Visa team. Congratulations!”
(HR Manager)

“Thanks for all your help this year. As always, it’s been a pleasure working with such a professional. I really value the continuity and knowledge that you continue to bring, and it’s comforting to know this important aspect of our work is in such competent hands. All this………….. and such a wonderful person to go with it!! We are most fortunate.”
(H. R. Manager)

“I must congratulate Expat on the excellent work and professionalism in the way you deliver services to clients. I have had a few different officers from Expat work with me over the years helping me out with relocation and visa services, all of which have been truly excellent.

“Thank you very much, keep up the excellent services you offer”
(H. R. Manager)

“Thank you very much for all your efforts….. Appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.”
(Human Resources Coordinator)

“Many thanks for all your help with our application for residency. It was great to know that you were holding everything together and processing everything so quickly. Thanks again.”
(Managing Director)

“You guys are brilliant as always! Thanks……”
(H. R. Manager)

“Thanks for your help through this long process to obtain Permanent Residency. It was a highly professional, and excellent service that Expat has provided, and which I would recommend to anyone”

“I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for the assistance you have given us during this process. You have always been extremely responsive, providing great expertise and guidance along the way. I am certain that the service provided by Expat gave us the best opportunity for a successful application, I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending Expat and would be willing to provide a testimonial if required. Thank you all again
(South Pacific Mission Critical Support Manager)

“Susan . Excellent work, thanks for all your efforts and thanks to the rest of the team ….. “
(Relocation Co-ordinator)

“Susan … I just wanted to express my thanks to you and all your colleagues for the work on my Permanent Residency application. I was very surprised to receive it so quickly – I was expecting to have to wait for a few more months!
Thanks again, I have been consistently impressed by the speed and professionalism of you and the Expat team, I wish you all the best for the future.
(Lead Creative Designer)

“Many thanks for this advice Margaret. Once again, very effective and efficient service from Expat.”
(Corporate Expatriate Consultant)

“Susan has taken really good care of us …… it is a real treat to work with a pro like her.”
(Senior Counsel)

“Thank you Susan! You are the best! I really appreciate your diligent efforts.”