For 35 years we’ve sourced ideal homes around the world to suit our transferee’s ‘needs and lifestyle. We fully recognise, and never under-estimate that this aspect of relocation is a critical issue for employees on assignment. Program length is anything from 1 day to 5 days.

Home Search – Rental or Purchase

Each home search program is customised to specific needs, and will typically include:

  • Personal profile and needs assessment
  • Ongoing discussion with transferee prior to arrival
  • Intensive housing research and itinerary preparation
  • Expat-accompanied property inspections; consultation and guidance
  • Negotiate and submit tenancy/home purchase applications
  • Negotiate property reparations / inclusions for occupancy
  • Lease negotiations and finalisation
  • Liaise with all parties to finalise arrangements & facilitate payments
  • Arrange utility and phone connections
  • Conduct Property Condition & Inventory Inspection / Report

Additional Services

Housing Differential Analysis and Report

A customised market analysis of rental and sale property is conducted , based on national real estate data and comparison of locations, property characteristics, demographics, and distance from city and office.

Expat’s resultant report on appropriate levels of housing allowance which is based on transferee’s individual circumstances is delivered to our clients Human Resource Management.

Home Sale Support

We assist transferees with the sale of their principal place of residence, taking care of all services agreed upon, including regular real estate interface, maintain property in ‘presentation’ condition, rental furniture as required for term of the sales campaign, continual updates to absentee landlord on developments.

Home Buyer Advocacy

For transferees wishing to purchase a home our associate Buyers Advocates will assist you to achieve the best possible property and purchase price.

Property Management

Expat provides personal care and  property management for both tenanted and un-tenated properties.

Providing the Total Relocation Solution

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Pre-Assignment Orientation Visit
Home Search
School Search and Education Consulting
Online Relocation
Partner Assistance
Departure Program
Relocation Policy Development
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