This accompanied program is invaluable for those considering relocating to the selected city, or alternatively as a pre-assignment visit to become familiar with their future destinations and schooling.

A carefully tailored itinerary and comprehensive information provides a high degree of local knowledge for intending transferees to become fully acquainted with their prospective city and sets a realistic  understanding of residency, housing, schooling, living conditions, cost of living, medical facilities and much more.

Expat International’s intensive one, two, or three-day  Area Orientation and Briefing programs incorporate:

  • Personal profile and needs assessment
  • Regular communication  prior to arrival
  • City and residential locality tour and discussion of suitable areas, local community facilities, transport and more
  • Representative Housing inspections based on personal criteria and budget; discussion and analysis
  • Briefing of the current local real estate trends and outline of standard practices; i.e. lease duration, tenant obligations, rental bond
  • Discussion regarding childcare facilities; public and private school system and identification of suitable schooling for each child.
  • Local supermarket and shopping precincts
  • Discussion and identification of Medical / Health consulting and facilities
  • Local sporting clubs and venues to suit each family member
  • Guidance to opening Bank accounts, obtaining Credit Cards, local Health Insurance and Tax Registration
  • Information regarding Banking, Credit Cards, Health Insurance, Tax Registration Internet, Pay T.V. , Phones

Providing the Total Relocation Solution

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