Southern hemisphere primary and secondary schools commence each school year approximately January 31st. after 6 weeks’ summer break. In Australia there are four terms each year, consisting of approximately 8 weeks each. Children transferring from northern hemisphere schools may either repeat part of the year of study they have already commenced, or skip forward to commence in the class year ahead.

If you arrive in Australia just prior to Christmas, it is likely the rental property market will have been somewhat depleted and will remain that way until approximately mid-January. As this period is also summer vacation time, temporary accommodation is often at a premium in availability, and also cost.

For Australia, you will find a wealth of information and the answers to most of your questions in My Expat Guide, Expat’s customised Destination Information manual. We will arrange for detailed information on global destinations other than Australia, as required.

There is no question that leaving loved ones behind and understanding the new Culture and embracing new customs and language is difficult, particularly when markedly different from what you are accustomed to. We suggest you learn as much as you can ahead of time, of the country, its people, and culture and keep an open mind when situations arise out of your normal comfort zone (My Expat Guide is a great starting point!). If your company is amenable, Cross Cultural Training is the most advantageous in preparing you for much of what will take months to become accustomed to on your own. Expat can of course, arrange this for you.

Keep children well informed of your relocation plans from the outset so they have time to adjust to the idea. Involving them in the planning process will help keep them enthused about the forthcoming move. Encourage them to research the new destination in books and on the Internet and ask in a positive manner how they are feeling and for their questions ….. this will contribute to relieving some anxiety. Children’s Destination Briefings which also include relevant Cross Cultural issues are a positive resource.

Australia’s private school system is robust, with many providing the International Baccalaureate. Because of the high standards of education, we have very few specifically international or bi-lingual schools and most expats choose either the State system or one of our excellent private schools.

Yes. Northern Territory and all States except Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory charge fees for dependent students on an employer visa who attend primary or secondary school.

This will depend on your company’s Expatriate Policy. They may allow a certain volume of goods to be freighted by air or sea, and either they or Expat will arrange for the appropriate moving company to visit your home to discuss. You will become aware it’s likely not all your goods will fit into the allowable amount for transit. Quality rental furniture is generally available in most countries, and some destinations will provide a treasure trove for you to purchase new items at reasonable prices. Expat can discuss your particular situation with you.

If moving internationally, legislation pertaining to vehicle importation differs in all countries, however it is generally an expensive, detailed and rigorous process with extensive paperwork and procedures. We suggest you check the on-line Customs regulations of your destination country, and consider also the left and right hand drive circumstances. Expat can arrange shipment of vehicles within the same country as required.

If you decide your beloved pets must become expats too, it is important to discuss the process with Expat early in the piece as certain countries (including Australia and New Zealand) have stringent importation and quarantine rules, and require a good deal of pre-departure preparation.

Expat will assist with your pet’s transportation and any quarantine boarding or kennelling that may be required upon arrival. We suggest you also research the regulations for importing pets in the new destination and understand any requirements for inoculations and quarantine both at destination, and upon repatriation.

Moving to a new location ranks amongst the Top 10 on the global scale of personal stress, so it’s important to leverage as much knowledgeable support as available to you.

The extensive preparation that is required for departure and the inevitable arrival, coupled with the unknown of your new location can be daunting. Expat’s understanding and assistance to find home, school, and connectivity will contribute significantly to your relocation becoming a positive experience for the whole family. We take care of the multitude of essential factors involved so that you can concentrate on your assignment and starting life afresh in your new surroundings.

We suggest you take the following information on your home search to ensure you are ready to submit a rental application when you find a suitable property:

  • Proof of identity: Passport;
  • Details: Employment; Income; Personal Referee

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