School Search And Education Consulting

Following extensive consultation with the relocating family, our education consultants assess the priorities and assist the family with the important decision of selection of the most appropriate school (s) for their children.

Expat’s Education Consultants:

  • Conduct detailed discussions with parents to gain their education experiences.
  • Evaluate current school report and curriculum, children’s needs and family discussions
  • Research schools aligning closely with each child’s circumstances and parent’s wishes.
  • Advise on appropriate schools based on (1) assessed records, (2) availability and (3) locality
  • Provide, on-line links, and constructive comments
  • Organise tentative placements with short-listed school(s)
  • Arrange appointments (Expat-accompanied, as required)
  • Arrange student(s) and parent interviews to become familiar with the school campus
  • Discuss and offer advice with final selection
  • Assist with enrollment arrangements, uniform purchases and related details

Kindergarten and Childcare

We assist families to locate, and enrol in neighbourhood kindergartens, childcare and day care facilities

Providing the Total Relocation Solution

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