Relocation To Hobart

Hobart is Australia’s least populous capital city, and because of this, it takes on a small-town vibe. With only 222,356 residents, it is easy to escape from the hustle and bustle. The streets are quiet and easy to get around, and the colonial-style buildings (Hobart is Australia’s second-oldest city after Sydney) gives the city character and classic style.

The city is based around Ports. Hobart locals love their boating and fishing: a hark back to their past (remnants of “old Hobart” can be seen around the ports). Hobart is also the finish line for the world-famous Sydney to Hobart boat race, held in December each year.

The relaxed atmosphere allows for an alternative lifestyle, and locals can be seen in urban bars sipping coffee and discussing life, overlooking the ports and inhaling the sea breeze. In winter, you can often spot a local dressed in their most-cosiest gear, like they are ready to head out into the forest (Hobart faces some bitterly cold winters due to its southern location).


Unlike Sydney or Melbourne, Hobart doesn’t suffer the same parking crises and rental properties are reasonably priced. The city is easy to navigate and the locals are friendly.


Hobart is regarded as more of an isolated city than Perth or Darwin, due in part to its lack of resources and corporate headquarters. This ensures a quiet lifestyle, and could be seen as a blessing for most expats! Although, getting used to a relaxed schedule may be seen as daunting to a few.

Our team of relocation consultants in Hobart ensure a smooth transition to a relatively quiet city, suggesting hobbies and networks which cater to the assignee needs.

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