Sponsoring employers of subclass 457 and 482 visa holders are required to undertake sponsorship obligations which are designed to protect overseas skilled workers and ensure that the program is being used to meet genuine skill shortages within the Australian labour market.

Sponsorship compliance may include submitting company records and visa documentation to immigration when required, desktop audits and/or visits by Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) investigators.

Penalties for non-compliance are high and can impact on the sponsoring business for years to come. Sponsors may have their sponsorships cancelled and may get barred from future sponsorship.

Expat provides a thorough monitoring and compliance service. We have helped businesses avoid costly penalties by assisting with the establishment and maintenance of record-keeping procedures, implementing strategies to prompt the business to notify DOHA of certain events and providing in-depth research and advice on matters including market salary rate and changes to the sponsorship or nominated position.