Relocation To Perth

Perth only has 1.7 million people, but the modern city is experiencing unprecedented economic growth due to billion-dollar reserves of natural gas, iron ore, gold and other base metals. This resources boom is responsible for Perth having the lowest unemployment levels in the country.

Although Perth is built on “new money” it is also multiculturally diverse with the large population of expats setting up base; Perth is Expat International’s most popular destination. It is clean, spacious and easy to get around and inspires independence and creativity with a flourishing arts scene.

Perth enjoys the highest amount of sunshine of any capital city in Australia, and its’ beaches are among the nation’s most beautiful. The port city of Fremantle features heritage buildings, art galleries and shops and is home to the “cappuccino strip” of South Terrace where you can sip lattes in al fresco cafes while you lap up Perth’s beautiful rays.


As stated, the resources boom Perth is currently experiencing allows growth of state infrastructure, a low unemployment rate and quality education providers. Due in part to this, News and International Affairs magazine, The Economist, placed Perth eighth on their list of the World’s Most Livable Cities 2011. The magazine looks mainly at costs of living, climate, safety and health care as “livability” factors. Perth’s sunny climate, teamed with their relatively low crime rates, ensures their space on this list above cities such as New York and London.


Perth is five hours by plane from the East-Coast of Australia, so be prepared to do some travelling- especially if you are working in the resources industry, where some bases are in remote areas of Western Australia. Many employees travel on a fly-in, fly-out basis. However, most of the remote locations are fully assessable by plane and many sites now have airports, due to the mining boom Western Australia is experiencing.

Expat’s team of experienced consultants in Perth know the ins and outs of all the best places to live and will be able to assist you with your move to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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