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Looking to relocating to Melbourne, Australia? Expat is your trusted moving assistant for relocation services in Melbourne.

With a population of over four million, Melbourne is the second-most populous major city in Australia and this year has placed first on the World’s Most Livable Cities ratings by the Economist Group’s Intelligence Unit. It is no wonder why:

  • The lush parkland
  • The ease of public transport
  • Some of the best universities in the world
  • A very low crime rate
  • And clean air all make Melbourne an enjoyable experience for all.

Renowned as the Cultural Capital of Australia, Melbourne is home to a thriving arts scene; with international fashion festivals, theatre, opera and art galleries to name just a few events.

Melbourne is also home to a large selection of cosmopolitan eateries, with some 3,000 restaurants serving more than 70 varieties of international cuisine. Due to Melbourne’s ethnic diversity, you’ll always be spoiled for choice.

Melburnians love their sport and being home to Australian Rules football (or AFL), you’ll also see many colourful scenes on public transport, with fans, wrapped up in their favourite team’s gear on their way to a match.

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With Australia’s best university, exclusive private schools, an abundance of parks, playgrounds and a plethora of events, Melbourne’s infrastructure is perfect for families who are looking for the best out of life for their children.

Melbourne is serviced by an extensive tram network, and with the multiple public transport options, and a range of bicycle paths, it is seen as a leader in reducing the growing population’s carbon footprint. Plus, with the range of options, the city also encourages locals to be more active in their everyday commute to and from work.


Many expats may be surprised to learn that Melbourne can be prone to bitterly cold winters and scorching heat waves. As a result, you’ll need to factor the cost of heating and cooling your house into your utilities budget. The average Melbourne household spends around $1800 a year on gas and electricity costs, and about $500 annually on water bills.

Your biggest outlay in Melbourne will be your accommodation. Rental prices near the city centre can be high. As with most cities, the further out of the CBD you are, the more you’ll save – but there are some ‘hotspots’ with high prices even an hour or more outside of the CBD.

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