There are several different kinds of working visas that can be obtained for Australia. The most popular of these visa types are:

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400:

This visa enables a skilled professional to stay in Australia to do short-term, highly-specialised, non-ongoing work. The visa is generally granted for a period of 3 months, but 6 months may be considered in compelling circumstances, and can be issued as a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Applicants must meet health and character requirements if requested by the Department of Home Affairs.

Partners, married or de facto, of the same or opposite sex, can be included in this application, as can dependent children up to 23 years of age (with some exceptions). Family members will not be allowed to work in Australia.

Combining a holiday with intended work is allowable if the holiday is secondary to the main purpose of the trip, and is of short duration.

Note: This working visa is generally not renewable within 12 months following initial arrival in Australia on the first 400 visa grant.

TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) Subclass 482 Visa:

There is no max age restriction on this visa. all applicants must prove English language capabilities, and meet health and character requirements. The visa enables skilled foreign workers who have been sponsored by an eligible Australian business to take up employment on a temporary basis, generally between 1 to 4 years.

There are two main lists under this visa, namely the Short-term Skilled Occupation list (STSSOL), with is a 2-year limit, with one further option for a 2-year renewal, and no pathway to permanent residence. The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) is a 4 year visa, which may lead to permanent residence in the future. There is also a Regional Occupation List (ROL) available.

In applying for the TSS visa, your proposed employer must hold a valid Accredited or Standard Business Sponsorship and lodge a nomination application prior to submission of your personal TSS visa application.

To apply for this visa, you must have a proposed employer who will lodge a nomination application on your behalf. The employer must hold a valid Accredited or Standard Business Sponsorship to apply.

There is no maximum age restriction on this visa. All applicants must prove adequate English language capabilities, as well as meet health and character requirements.