Expat’s Consultants, drawing on their own expatriate experiences, local knowledge and expertise, provide empathetic support and hands-on assistance to ease the family’s transition in becoming familiar with the many issues in their new location.

This program, while stand-alone, is usually provided in conjunction with Home search and importantly, ensures the selected rental property is ready for occupancy.

  • Arrange utility connections; check function of the connections
  • Conduct comprehensive Condition Report and Inventory Inspection
  • Provide Essential Pantry Supplies if required (additional charges apply)
  • Arrange house keys delivery/collection
  • Supervise Rental Furniture delivery and set-up
  • Orientation of local area with Provision of Local Council New Residents Pack
  • Introductions to network groups
  • Bank Account Assistance

Rental Furniture

Whether it be short term rental until your furniture arrives, or long term for your new unfurnished home, Expat assists with selection  of furniture in line with your budget.  We will coordinate delivery and if required, supervise the process on delivery day.

Providing the Total Relocation Solution

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