Visa Confidence… Leave it to us!

All of Expat’s Registered Migration Agents are expert practitioners in the following categories of Australian Visas.

  • Employer Sponsored: Temporary Residence, Permanent Residence
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
  • Independent Temporary Residence
  • Business Skills Migration: Including Business Investors and Owners
  • State and Territory Sponsored Business Visas
  • General Skilled Migration: Including Independents and Graduates
  • Partner Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Investor Retirement Visa

If your business seeks to employ staff from the international market, Expat will prepare a comprehensive application for you; managing every aspect of the procedure throughout processing with the Department of Immigration, conducting clearly defined checks and balances throughout, delivery of timely visa expiry alerts and notifying the Department of Immigration of temporary assignment completion.

Business Skills Migration

If you are considering investing and stablishing your business in Australia, and seeking to become a Permanent Resident, Expat’s experience and knowledge is your greatest ally to initially build a practical understanding of the issues that will influence your final decision. Our up-to-date information spans:

  • Current business opportunities
  • Aspects of lifestyle and running a business in Australia
  • Legislative requirements of owning a business in Australia
  • Taxation
  • Medical, education, cost of living
  • General guidance to help you to arrive at the important decision of whether to proceed with your Business Skills Migration.

Upon reaching your decision to proceed, Expat’s Registered Migration Agent dedicated to your application, will work closely with you to facilitate preparation of the required business plan, and the extensive documentation required to apply for a Business Skills Migration Visa.

General Skilled Migration

If you are a recent university graduate or a highly skilled professional and have skills in a specific occupation that is required in Australia, you may be eligible to migrate under this category. Our experienced team will initially asses your eligibility and if positive, guide you throughout, whilst preparing the detailed application and managing every aspect of the procedure throughout processing with the Department of Immigration.