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Five Trends for Corporate Relocation in a Pandemic

  • By Expat
  • March 20, 2021

How can we describe the start to the 2020s? Well… ‘interesting’ is one way to put it. ‘Life-changing’, perhaps more appropriate. ‘Poor’ is, at times, warranted. The truth is, although it’s been a pretty crappy time when it comes to moving employees internationally, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. So, let’s focus on the future and what we can do right now, rather than what we can’t. Corporate relocation has changed significantly due to COVID-19, and we’ve learned a lot from it. Here’s what we know so far, with five trends for corporate relocation during the pandemic.

Workers become hungrier for travel

It’s the epitome of that old saying, ‘When you can’t have something, you want it more’. Experts are saying that more and more employees are developing an appetite for relocating for work, purely because they haven’t been allowed to travel for months on end. If you’re looking to expand the business and put people all over the map, then this will work on your side when things settle down and normalcy resumes.

  1. Work is more adaptable
    Corporate relocation looks a little different these days, and one of the big trends is that our jobs are more adaptable. Part of this is thanks to the internet, with online meetings and group chats all being part of the fun. Your employees can now work more flexibly, taking the stress out of corporate relocation.
  2. Younger workforce
    In many industries, employees of the Baby Boomer generation have retired slightly early, making way for a new wave of younger employees. Younger employees tend to have a thirst for adventure, more so than their older counterparts who have families, houses and generally more committed to their city of residence.
  3. Technology will lead the way
    Technology has been a huge part of overcoming corporate relocation issues during the pandemic and will continue to aid us through it. Whether we’re talking about the use of Zoom for meetings or using social media sites as a way of keeping up professional relationships (something that was less common before the pandemic), technology is at the forefront of corporate life during the pandemic.
  4. Loads of other businesses will be looking to expand too
    The dam of halted international movement is almost at breaking point, and, in the corporate world, you can especially feel it. While employees can still obtain visas for work, things are going to move a lot faster once the pandemic has subsided.

If you keep these trends in mind, you’ll be well prepared for corporate relocation during and after the pandemic. If you need some extra advice, get in touch with the team at Expat International. They’re global experts on relocating your team, whether it’s one employee or a whole office. Expat International will get you through your corporate relocation, even in the toughest of times!