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Is Australia Accepting Visa Applications

  • By Expat
  • September 15, 2021

So, you planned on joining us in Australia for some time. You had big plans; you were going to either backpack, study here or fill the skill gap on a Temporary Skilled visa. Then, bang! Coronavirus ruined these plans and your dreams of tasting that sweet Australian life. But is Australia still accepting visa applications?

The short answer is, yes, they are. The long answer is, you may or may not be eligible. Let’s take a look at the different types of visas that Australia is currently accepting and who to speak with if you need to move to Australia during COVID-19.

The rules

The rules on who’s allowed into Australia can change at any given time. One minute, the gate swings open and the next minute, the gate seems shut! But the good news is, as time goes on and more people get vaccinated, the rules will progressively be relaxed, and everything will slowly go back to normal.

Australia is still processing visa applications

You can still apply for a visa in Australia for a number of different purposes. These include work, study, joining your partner or family and others. Individual exemptions to Australia’s hard border policy are available for a range of different reasons. You may be working in a critical sector or have been accepted to take part in the government’s International Student Arrivals Plan. To learn more about individual exemptions, speak with the team at Expat International, who can quickly and diligently sort these arrangements for you.

It’s difficult to do this on your own

There can be great difficulty in navigating these visa rules on your own. Sure, Australia is accepting visa applications, but if you or your employer don’t know the right methods in approaching this, you may find that your visa is quickly rejected. Expat International are your team of visa experts, guiding you through this tricky time of border closures and restricted travel.

The team at Expat International know the ins and outs of visa application and have helped many others like you secure an Aussie visa during COVID-19. Don’t feel stranded and hopeless when applying for an Australian visa – let the specialists handle these difficult circumstances and help you obtain the visa you need.

The team at Expat International are one of Australia’s most experienced in visa navigation, having been in the industry for over 36 years and counting. They work with you or your employees to ensure that they are able to remain in Australia and keep doing great work for your business without the stress and anxiety of having to deal with visa issues on their own. Get in touch with the specialists at Expat International today.