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How technology can aid the relocation process

  • By Expat
  • October 17, 2018

Throughout Expat International’s 35 year history, we have always worked hard to make the mobility process easier, reduce stress for the assignee, improve the efficiency of our team and save costs for our clients. With advances in web and mobile technologies, we have seen significant changes in the expectations our clients have about how and when relocation information is accessed, and the way in which we communicate with each other. Additionally, in recent years, our industry has needed to respond to stricter government regulations to safeguard the privacy and security of the data we handle on behalf of our clients.

Indeed, as a trusted relocation and immigration service provider, Expat International processes much personal assignee data, and shares ever more information with various stakeholders throughout the relocation supply chain. In our desire to continue to improve our service delivery and operations, and ensure compliance, we determined that the traditional back-office software and our dependence on email as the primary communication tool were no longer sufficient.

During several internal innovation sessions, our team defined the criteria of what an ideal solution would look like. Any new system would have to:

  • Provide a holistic view of all our relocation services
  • Allow us to track progress in real-time, as the services are being delivered
  • Enhance the assignee experience using modern communication tools
  • Improve our operational efficiency
  • Ensure compliance with international data privacy regulations

After a careful review of the relocation software solutions on the market we were happy to find that RelocationOnline’s platform met all our criteria.

Two aspects of RelocationOnline stood out. First, with many years of relocation experience themselves, they possess insight and understanding of our service delivery and operational processes.

This is especially evident as many of the tools they’ve built match the on-the-ground tasks we need to perform. Second, they put the experience of the assignee first in their design of the platform. This provides the assignee with modern and user-friendly communication tools, and a more interactive and engaging platform, while our consultants can measure their engagement in real-time.

To our delight, as we have worked with them they listen to and care about our feedback, while they continually make enhancements and introduce new features that are useful to both our clients and our consultants.

Most important, using our new platform has allowed the team at Expat International to focus more time on what we do best: helping the assignee and their family during the transition to their new destination.