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The Last Time Expat International was in the States

  • By Expat
  • November 9, 2016

Now that all members of Expat International staff and Global Immigration Network (G.I.N) have their feet firmly on home soil again, we are happy to share with you the wonderful experiences that Expat International and G.I.N had while attending four conferences and seminars in the U.S.  Added to this, Expat International was honoured and excited to take part in the MSI Executive Forum in Scottsdale Arizona.
At the MSI Forum our very own Managing Director of Human Resources & Mobility Services, Trish Hansen presented to the audience on ‘Doing Business Down Under’.  Headlining the Forum were Dr. Dambisa Moyo and Admiral James Stavridis, two world-renowned speakers who respectively shared remarkable insights, on the global economy, and global security;  both highly relevant to the mobility industry.  So, it was a great honour for Expat International to have our own representative presenting alongside speakers of such esteem.

(Trish Hansen [Expat] and Anne Roberts [Executive Relocations, France] preparing to speak at the MSI Executive Forum, introduced by Gail Rabasca, in Scottsdale Arizona)


(CEO, Margaret McCartney and the Managing Director- Human Resources & Mobility Services, Trish Hansen enjoying the social aspect of the MSI Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona)

After the MSI Forum Expat International jetted onwards to attend the annual Worldwide ERC Global Symposium which coincided with the Annual General Meeting of the Global Immigration Network.

(From right to left: Margaret McCartney, Albin Porquez, Markus Demuth, José Antonio de Ros, Christine Wining, Irena Yakimenko, Susan Kidd, Marcela Oneto, Lorraine Stanford, Isabelle Premont, Trish Hansen, Elaine Hery, Andreas Krensel, Marina Semenova and Anne Roberts enjoying a well-earned photo opportunity)

Here the Global Immigration Network and its members from around the world co-hosted an enthusiastically received cocktail party for WERC attendees.   Following the hectic week, the Expat International team stayed in Washington DC for the Brookfield GRS Forum and then travelled to Denver for Graebel’s Summit.  Attendance at these many events provided opportunities for Expat to further confirm our standing as an industry leader and to share insight through learning and exchange, of developing trends within the mobility and migration world.
We would like thank the organisers of all the events that we were asked to not only attend but actively participate in.   We can’t wait to do it all again next year!