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Expat International is Here to Help You Move to Australia!

  • By Expat
  • November 18, 2016

As the winds of change sweep over the land, the world holds its breath for what might be an oncoming storm. For those who have not heard Donald Trump has won the race to the white house and will soon be the 45th President of the United States of America. Social media is in a frenzy as whole populations try to predict what will happen next.

With many people in the USA apprehensive about what their future may hold,  the Canadian immigration website crashed as American citizens and residents frantically looked at migration pathways out of their country.  The day after Trump’s historical win the hit rate for ‘moving to Australia’, in the google search engine rose drastically. It is still unclear as to how the USA will fair under the Trump administration but one thing has become very clear…People are looking to migrate around the world. This might be a knee-jerk reaction to the unknown, but for those looking to start afresh then Australia is a great place to start.

Whether you are an individual, family unit or even a whole company, making the switch and relocating to Australia, it must be managed correctly. Change is stressful and moving across the world is no easy feat. This is where having someone to manage everything from obtaining the right subclass of visa, finding the dream house, providing guidance on banking, health insurance and education; to consulting on corporate matters such as HR mobility policy and compensation is vital.

Australia is renowned for having one of the safest economies in the world, during each and every financial crisis in the last 50 years (while Australia did feel the burn) Australia showed incredible resilience and for the most part remained a stable economy from which innovation and immigration was promoted and highly sought after. Added to this, for the last three years in a row, Australia has ‘won’ the world’s most liveable city title (Melbourne) with two other of its other major cities placing in the top 10 best cities in the world. Australia is not just a land of growth and stability but a nation dedicated to enriching its culture and supporting diversity. The Australian government recognises that in order to continue growing, we need individuals who have skills and qualifications that are not readily sourced from the local labour market. As such the government actively seek talent from overseas who will bring skills and experience not readily available in the local labour market.

Expat International offers excellence in Australian immigration and global mobility service delivery. We can help companies wishing to employ overseas talent or skilled migrants seeking to use their skills in Australia to achieve their goal.  Our dedicated visa team provide accurate migration advice, guidance and case management to ensure the correct visa is selected based on individual circumstances. We monitor each stage of the assessment process and advocate on behalf of our client to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. Expat’s global mobility team are there to manage every stage of the global relocation process. We offer a range of packages and services designed to streamline the process whether you are an individual, family or corporate entity.  Having solidified our reputation in the global mobility industry, we are well equipped and experienced to handle every aspect of an international transfer, including compliance, immigration and the personal issues that can arise as a result of moving internationally.

A new government signifies changes in policy, legislation and in some instance way of life. As the Obama administration comes to an end many people are taking this opportunity to make a fresh start in a new country. Australia is wonderfully diverse and the team at Expat international look forward to giving you an exceptional experience as we manage your transition into this country.