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Generation Relocation – A Fresh Approach to Millennial Moves

  • By Vanessa Lim
  • August 27, 2019

It’s no surprise that Millennials are relocating at a higher rate than ever before. They bring with them benefits such as eagerness to learn and advance in the workplace, open-mindedness, updated qualifications, and company diversity. Oftentimes, Millennials are also a more cost-effective addition to the team.


At Expat International, we want to help you keep your Millennials happy throughout the moving process. Expat International’s focused technology helps the tech-savvy generation of Millennials to stay completely involved with their relocation.  It features:


  • Intuitive and attractive digitalization to drive costs down
  • Positive work-life balance providing flexibility and freedom to access information 24/7, and take action “on the go
  • Instant connectivity for immediate information, with real-time chat feature and services just one click away!


Speak to us to learn how your company’s Millennials’ moves can be fully supported in a cost-effective way by Expat’s apps and live technology.


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